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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
Why does it have to be at the root directory? That seems like a really odd way to do something especially since the root directory is never meant to be manipulated by the user directly.
Clonezilla is a very popular open source disk imaging program that works on all platforms including for cloning a Mac hard drive for disaster recovery.

The Clonezilla program is hard wired to not access a Disk-Image that is more than 1 directory away from the root of a partition. Clonezilla is provided as a linux boot CD running the imaging program but accessing the computer's internal and any USB attached drives as the source of the Image or the target to be over-written by the image.

We sell recovery Disk-Images to repair or replace failed hard drives in specific vehicle navigation systems. The owner gets a Disk-Image from us and it creates a new hard drive for his car . . or fixes the current drive if it fixable. The system manufactures do not sell hard drives to an owner or to a car dealer. They only sell $2000 replacement systems if the 1 year warranty is up.

The Disk Image can also be downloaded with the Mac to an attached USB drive instead of the Mac's drive. From what you are saying it sounds like that should be the way to go and not recommend using the Mac drive. Clonezilla is happy to restore the disk image from an attached USB drive to the replacement hard drive also attached to the Mac with a USB/IDE adaptor. If the root level of a Mac hard drive is read-only then it would not be practical to describe placing the download at the location.

Thank You for your help. Your'e questions are the answer . . . we will recommend using an attached USB drive instead of the Mac drive.

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