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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
Simply put, don't. Users should never be downloading and placing files in locations outside of their user folder manually. Unline Windows, where, for the most part, anything goes, you really ought to limit yourself to the user folder.

I'm not familiar with that application but I imagine that it will create file associations with RAR files and thus, you should be able to simply double click them.

If you're not talking about the root location on the OS X install, you can ignore my previous suggestion. If that is indeed the case, I'm not sure what you mean by "root" and how, if it's simply an external drive, it's any different than any other location.
Mac owners normally download the Disk-Image archive to the root of an existing partition on the Mac hard drive. It must be at root to work. The default download directory is useless in this case . . it won't work. They are restoring a Hard Drive attached to the Mac with a USB/IDE adaptor with the disk image stored on the Mac drive.

Are you saying this isn't possible or just not the Apple way to do things . . like Windows says you shouldn't edit the registry, but its neccesary and normal to do.

Second follow up . . . what you said about double-clicking was as if you were talking to a Mac user who knows how to browse the file sytem. How does the user browse to files at the root of the partition ? What is the root of a partition called on Mac when you get there ? Do partition objects have same naming convention as in Linux ? or what ?
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