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I have a few Apple portable devices but have no access to a Mac and nobody I know with a Mac can answer these 2 questions - except for a kid who is on Vacation somewhere.

I need to write a description on a web site for 2 things for Mac users who are unware of the Mac file system and how to access it. I understand this is a big favor, but I need a brief description that is sufficiently complete for a Mac user who has never done anything but click on icons - doesn't know how to access file system locations.

1. Please describe how a Mac user would download a .rar file into the root of a partition on their Mac hard drive from an http://download link. The download consists of 10 .rar files that make up an archive set. The total download size is 8GB.

2. Using the "RAR Expander" program, how would the Mac user access the .rar files he downloaded to the root of a partition and then expand the first "-part1.rar" file of a .rar file set ?

If you wonder why, When you boot into a Mac with a Clonezilla boot CD, Clonezilla will not Restore a Disk-Image that is more than 1 level away from the root of a partition.

If someone has a better .rar expander program for multi-file .rar archives, I welcome your suggestion.

In case alarms go up in your head, this is not for over-writing the Mac drive . . its for creating a disk for a Navigation system that is attached to a USB port on the Mac. We have many Mac customers who do this daily, but we don't have the brief "how to" description for Mac on the web site as we do for Windows.

Thank You
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