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I am a graphic designer and I work from home (on an iMac) but have to go into the office (using PC laptop) once every 3-4 weeks. I need some recommendations for an external HD to work off of (not backup) that will not have a problem switching from one computer to the other.

I currently have a FreeAgent Go Flex Drive (1TB). I had a problem once where I plugged it in the PC and it said there were errors. I stupidly allowed it to "fix" the errors, which resulted in losing some files. I did have some of it backed up to my iMac. However that message has been popping up more and more on the PC (I do not allow it to "fix" them anymore), and now I have an item in the trash that won't delete when it's plugged into my iMac (does not show up on the PC.) Drives me nuts. (Permissions says I can read and write; I cannot drag it out of the trash.)

I'm getting worried about the stability of this drive. I also read somewhere that frequent switching can shorten the life of the drive (or something.) So I think it should be replaced or just kept as a backup backup. Any recommendations?
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