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Personally, I buy 2nd hand machines from private small businesses, instead of corporate groups like Best Buy. Have never had good luck there.

I was travelling out of town the other day, had to get an ethernet cord, and simply couldn't find a mom-n-pop shop.. Went to Best Buy, and they were selling 3' ethernet cords for..............$14. Yeah. $14!! A 10' cable was more than $30! what a rip off. At those prices it should come in a pouch and delivered with a lap dance or something.. You can buy the same cord on Amazon for $2..

My $.02.... Find a company that's family owned and buy from them. I saw Wegener Media ads here, and have purchased several MacBooks from them. Have had nothing but great pricing and exceptional service - they even bent over backwards to help me resolve MY mistake in an order.

I'm sure there are other good companies, but Wegener advertises on this site, and I was inclined to give them a shot. They've pretty much cured me of the desire to ever go to the corporate big box places again.
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