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I have jut purchased a Macbook Pro with retina display from Best Buy. This was an "Open Box" purchase, meaning someone had previously purchased the laptop, then changed their mind and returned it within 15 days to Best Buy, who restored it and offered it for sale again at a slight discount.

By all appearances, the computer is brand new, and was certified by their Geek Squad as eligible for resale as a new computer. However, when I started up the computer at home, the Setup Assistant did not run, which would allow me to enter my info and set myself as the owner of the computer. It just went straight to the desktop. (there are no other users listed under system preferences or anything, but when I clicked on the lock to make changes in system preferences, it asked for a password, which I don't have). I was able, however, to establish myself as admin and attach my iTunes account.

How can I re-run the Setup Assistant on my computer? Do I need to restore the computer to factory settings? This is my first Mac computer purchase, so I am new to this and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!
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