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iOS 7 Heartaches
Hello to all! Forgive my 'newness' - I'm afraid this site is going to be used as a vent for my anger at Apple! As a bit of background, I have used a Mac of some sort since the early nineties and now use a 21.5in iMac which is great. Currently I am on my second iPad (3) running iOS 7 -This in my view is the biggest botched OS update I can remember!! I thought Apple had done their worst when they rehashed iTunes and removed Cover Flow, I have many other issues with iTunes, but that would be a whole other chapter!
Presumably, when this mess is sorted I will be very wary of updating the next major iOS to come along!! - Does anyone agree?
Just in case any one requires specificity with issues;

Mail links no longer take you to Safari.
Settings app has crashed twice (so far).
TED app has also crashed twice.
iOS 7 seems to drain the battery.
Most other apps appear less stable.
App Store doesn't display 'updates'
Updates seem to take forever to download AND I have around 25 to download just to be compatible in most cases with iOS 7!!!
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