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Wow, thanks for the quick replies, everyone!

As requested gsahli-
Version 10.6.8
Process. 2.66GHZ. intel core 2 duo
Memory-2GB 1967 mhz. DDR3
L2 cache 6MB
disk utilized-173.39 GB
free-146.34 free
I think that is everything you asked for, not a 'computer guy' so sorry if I left something basic out.


-I see the 'wheel of misfortune' when ever I open a program, such as Excel, word, etc. They used to just open.
-It takes 5 to 10 seconds to open new internet tabs
-It takes a good 30sec. to a minute to go to sleep when I select that function.
-Takes much longer than usual to save a simple word document or excel file.
-Takes a good 30 sec. from selecting 'print' until the printer responds. It used to respond right away.

I do empty the cache files at least twice a week and I always re-start the computer after doing so. I also shut it down and re-start it to allow updates to properly install.

The computer itself is on all of the time, accept for above mentioned.

Any help much appreciated!

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