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Originally Posted by kirrwed View Post
I don't think the issue is quite that simple, Chas. Sure, this particular update could have only cost $20, but what about after that.
For your machine, there is no "after that." That $20 buys you the latest OS that can be put on that old machine. It's at the end of its life.
And what instability issues are there in dragging a file to a folder? Can someone articulate that? Why a new system with new bells and whistles suddenly makes dragging a file from one folder to another difficult? Is Apple above such deliberate things?
It's not just a drag and drop, it's that to support the new features in IOS7 iTunes needed to be updated and Apple chose not to spend the time and money to make that update compatible with OSX 10.5. You are using a very old technology with old operating system and are now being left in the dust of obsolescence.
Suddenly the new ipad have a different cord connector. Every laptop I've ever bought had a different power cord connector. Which is the superior one? Results in a lot of extra sales doesn't it? Because when a cord goes bad, you can't use an old one.
No extra sales other than replacing the original cord with a proper matching one, either from the original vendor or a third party supplier. It's hard for my friend with a 1928 Whippet to get parts, too. Technology moves on, parts become scarce because demand drops. It's the price one pays for trying to sustain old tech.
If there is legitimate technological reasons for all of these variations and pattern of incompatibility, I'd like to hear it. I never have heard one. Maybe Apple is run by saints who merely look out for the customer. I don't know, but the evidence seems to tilt a certain way to me anyway.
It's called progress. It happens. Serial ports were replaced with USB ports, then USB2, then USB3 plus there were FireWire and Thunderbolt ports as well. Apple is always looking to make the connectors smaller so that the real estate on the outside of the iPhone can be optimized for other things, like the speakers and headphone jack. So the Lightning connector is smaller than the old 32 pin connector. But Apple also makes a converter so that all those older things for the older phones can be connected to the new Lightning port. Yes, you have to buy it, but that's the price of trying to reuse old technology with new.
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