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I don't think the issue is quite that simple, Chas. Sure, this particular update could have only cost $20, but what about after that. And what instability issues are there in dragging a file to a folder? Can someone articulate that? Why a new system with new bells and whistles suddenly makes dragging a file from one folder to another difficult? Is Apple above such deliberate things? Suddenly the new ipad have a different cord connector. Every laptop I've ever bought had a different power cord connector. Which is the superior one? Results in a lot of extra sales doesn't it? Because when a cord goes bad, you can't use an old one. If there is legitimate technological reasons for all of these variations and pattern of incompatibility, I'd like to hear it. I never have heard one. Maybe Apple is run by saints who merely look out for the customer. I don't know, but the evidence seems to tilt a certain way to me anyway.
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