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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
If your machine is still covered by the Apple Care warranty (one year) or extended coverage for three years, by all means take it to an authorized Apple service repair in Korea. The Koreans are well adept at doing repairs. Or, if you're in the military, take it to your local exchange and have them send it to an Apple repair service for you.
Awesome. I had a friend - we bought our Macbooks at the same time - he was having problems. Not sure if it was the same kind - his Macbook would just suddenly turn off. Anyways, he took it in. They kept it for a while - and of course, the problem didn't occur there. They told him to re-install OS and that was it.

But I think in my case, since I have documented proof and because my problem is probably easier to replicate - if I keep opening and closing my computer, eventually it will occur - I'm hoping I have better luck.

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