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Exodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really nice
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The Mac Pro is impressive. But its overkill.. Only people that would have use for such a power house is Engineers using 3D modeling software like SolidWorks and other professionals need genetic data or similar numbers crunched. This is what is killing it..

Lets face it, the biggest mistake will be not offering lower priced gaming graphics cards. Fires are powerful, but they dont offer the functions needed for 3D game play.. The Xeon is server oriented computing. Point being I would love to see the current Mac Pro, but not necessarily as a workstation model. Perhaps a slightly lower high end model geared for gammers.
Build a model with a I7 Haswell, and two of the top of the line ATI Radeon cards and they got a powerful system that will appeal to a larger audience. Currently there is to much of a performance gap between a MacMini or iMac and the New MacPro. At least have the option for Gaming or Workstation video cards.. I would love the thing, I have the money for it. But I have no use for FirePro's!

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