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So I think that I bought a lemon of a mac. (iBook, G4.)

Ever since I bought it, I have had the 'black screen of death' at least once a week and having owned PCs before so didnt think it was a big deal - but expected a bit more from macs, so tried to take it back. I was told that I should update all the software, and was sent on my way. I dealt with this for a 8 more months or so and the day after my warranty expired, my hard drive died which I replaced myself as apple wanted $400 to do so. Things got better - for a couple of months, and now I can not start it without the black screen (please restart your computer) appearing. The hardware diagnostics CD says that there is a problem with the Memory (RAM, I figure) and I received a message like MEM2:104.1 DIMM and either J1 or BUILT IN. Forgive the lack of specificity, as now I can not even get the Hardware CD to run a diagnostic. I have tried booting with different ram, with no ram (i.e. only the built in ram of 128MB) and have no luck. Anyone know what to do? How much it would cost? Anyone heard of a mac being so crappy in such a short time? (I am in FL, and Applecare is not offered down here...jeez, maybe the heat and the humidity scares apple although I am very kind to my beloved puter.)

Thanks for any help,

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