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Paydirt. There is a free app called EXMP3. I installed this on my iPhone. Under the feature "File Transfer," you have the option to select wi-fi or G3. Once it detects how you are connected to the web, it gives you a URL address. You type this URL address into your computer's browser, and it is a page that lets you select MP3s from your computer. It then transmits it to the EZMP3 app. And presto, you can transfer MP3s to your iPhone and play them in the EZMP3 app. No need to buy Apple upgrades yet.

Honestly, the fact that transferring an MP3 you own to a phone you own is not some new technology that should go away with new system upgrades. It's just dragging from a folder to a folder. Apple may or may not have intentionally disabled this simple task in order to get laggers to buy new computers. Why sell the same thing to someone once when you can sell it to them over and over?
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