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Hello Friends
I'm running OS 6.0.1 on my 4GS I phone.

for some reason I have a few emails (from back in July) that just won't delete from spotlight search. They are GONE from my email accounts (on my phone and via my web inbox)

Soo.. the question begging to be answered is- how do I get rid of these pesky unwanted emails.

Steps completed:

*OS update
*phone turn off/ on
*Emptied deleted items
*deleted and reinstalled email account on phone


many thanks to all of my super smart MAC users!


I am encountering a similar situation. I have even closed the account that these emails were on (gmail). Even with my phone in airplane mode, I can still open and read full emails, which leads me to believe they actually reside within my phone. This is a huge security issue for me, as anyone could accidentally view this information if a let them use my phone. I currently have email deselected in Spotlight to prevent this.
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