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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
For most things the terminals are essentially similar. What differs is the compliment of tools you have access to by default on OS X. So if you stick to the basic terminal commands, then they are equal..

OS X uses BASH as the shell and Ubuntu uses DASH (but can be switched to BASH) and most other Linux variants usually stick with BASH..DASH is really bad for executing scripts. The D in DASH stands for "Diminished" in my mind, regardless of what it actually stands for..
Thanks RazOrEdge. I'm using Debian distro. Debian uses Bash. Not sure why but when I first started it seemed that there were a lot of differences. I have went back and now it seem there are very few differences. Strange not sure what I was doing at first. I do understand that some or all the commands are programs that run and need to be installed to be used. I really like using the command line.
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