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I read and have done all the things in first lines of this board. It has been several months since the spill.

The pro is a early 2011 pro 15. The problem after the spill is that the display is blank. The system boots (i can hear the chime) and the keyboard lights up, and it charges fine. I plugged in a cable and connected it to a standalone VGA and the standard apple space space picture comes up.

I took the back off and the tea stains are visible and there are burn marks and corrosion specifically under several components. Two are marked +22 1E15 located directly in front of where the battery connects to the board. Internet search yielded no diagrams of the board. It is obviou these have fried.

The others are a series of 4 chips marked 470 d14 F, and 6 chips marked 68 cC14 F. I don't see any corrosion around these, but I do see staining on the bottom cover where they reside on the board. Other than this, I don't see any other corrosion after going over everything with a magnifying glass.

Does anyone know if these can be repaired. The cost of a new one isn't worth it, but I would risk a little to see of someone can put new parts on this one.

If not, I will parting it out on Craigs.
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