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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
It's not complaining in both cases - these specs are useless and serve no productive purpose now. You're suggesting that criticisms levelled again Apple about the overly pronounced marketing practices for a feature that serves little to no value is one that's unjustified because they are now supposedly in front. Yes, they're first to market with a 64 bit smartphone...that's of no use. This effectively moves progress horizontally instead of propelling them forward until people can make productive use of the features. Second, the criticisms are levelled against Apple because no one can conceptualize its utility. It's very hard to conceive of a phone that needs what a 64 bit processor makes possible that a 32 bit one doesn't for these types of devices. Desktops/notebooks - it makes sense for reasons related to memory usage and mathematical reasons.
It is clear that its pointless responding to you as you are just hating on everything apple have done with the 5S. I just cant work out why you even visit an apple forum.
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