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I for one am very excited about the 5S and plan to order at 3am and/or stalk some of my local non-Apple stores for one next Friday. I was really excited about the fingerprint reader security. As a person that uses this to log into my work Thinkpad about 20 times a day, I can appreciate the little bit a time saving and ease it offer. I use my iPhone and SIRI in my car a lot, and having to punch in my passcode while driving is just not a option, so I don't use it. Now I can without having to take my eyes off the road. Plus there is so much potential for use of it beyond simple logon and purchase authorization.

As for the 64-bit architecture, I was happy to hear about that as well. Usually for the "in between" S models they don't get huge jumps in specs. This was a big jump that will make this S model more future-proof. Also, it was something that nobody expected or rumored, so it's nice to know Apple can still pull some surprises. As far as people complaining it's useless, I'm just tired of all the hate talk. People complain Apple is always behind on specs. But then when they launch something like this (or thunderbolt not too long ago) they complain because nothing can make use of it right out of the gate. You can't complain both ways!

As a part-time amateur photographer, I am also excited about the new camera. 8MP is the least of my concerns since I don't usually take photos with my phone that I plan to blow up to 8x10 prints or larger. The larger sensor, better light sensitivity, better flash, and better aperture are much more interesting to me. The ignorant masses that seem to only care about "empees" can whine and joke all they want. I know what really matters when it comes to photo IQ and will enjoy this camera immensely.

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