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Thanks for the response. There is deffinately no spill on that computer. They even sent it home with me saying it will be covered, and the tech said he wasn't even sure it was a spill or anything. Apple told him not to bother with the second opinion that they did not believe I caused this (they didn't even tell me about any of this until my customer relations rep left a message last night).

I opened the computer up last night to get my memory out before sending it for a repair and there was absolutely no sign of any sticky stuff or spill. I don't know how to look under the track pad, but he did say it was also around the memory and stuff. I took photos, I donn't know if that will help. This place I took the computer to also charged me $80 bucks when I had my first mac back in college, as he said he had to clear a virus off it. I now know that there probably wasn''t a virus and that I should not have been charged because I had applecare. It's a one man shop.

This is just so frustrating, I have never been treating like this from apple before.
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