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Hey everyone,

About 3 days ago I called up Apple Customer Relations because my macbook pro was going back for the 4th repair. I was upset because the trackpad kept breaking. The customer relations person told me to take the computer for diagnostics and then they would determine whether or not they would simply replace it.

It turned out there was issues with several of the hardware parts and they called me to let me know they would be replacing it and that I could pick my computer up and send it to so I could transfer anything I needed. They took all of my info and credit card info so they could put a hold on the card and told me I would receive a verification call that night or the next day (today). After not hearing from them I called several times to make sure there was no issues and was told by several individuals it was fine that they were waiting on some documentation from the woman I was working with.

Tonight she called and left a message saying they would not replace the computer because it was replaced before (they lost my old mac) and there was "sticky substance" on the inside of the computer". When I called back my worker was no longer in. I called the store I had the computer at and they said they did see something but told apple they needed a second opinion. Apple told them not to worry about it that they believed it was a hardware issue.

I got intouch with someone else at apple and they first said it was damage caused by me, then because I had replacements in the past, and finally that there was no damage but they believed repairing it would be better...

I was told I would have the replacement tomorrow morning and already made plans with my work accordingly (I work with crisis individuals and lead several volunteers). Now I need to take it back to the store or wait for them to send a box, even though they went over 24 hours not telling me there was any issue!

Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Thank you in advance
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