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Hi all,

So I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right seciton, but here it goes. So my logic board is broken and Activity Moniter shows that kernel_task (the os itself) is using between 500-600% CPU usage (I have 8 cores so this is about 63-75% CPU capacity)

For reasons I won't get into, I can't fix my computer for about a month. However, there are some higher-performance things I still would like to do. For example, play Dwarf Fortress. Now Dwarf Fortress is not multithreaded, so in theory, if the crazy-high kernel_task usage is restricted to 6 cores, and I can somehow guarentee that 1 core is mostly dedicated to Dwarf Fortress, then I could still play it to a degree. (It's possible that slowdown due thrashing and multi-core issues makes this impossible, but I'm not sure).

Is there some way I can run the program giving it precedence to one of the cores? Or on the other side, restrict kernel_task to the first 6 cores? I'm pretty sure the program itself has no mechanism for this, so it would have to be something from the mac side. I thought maybe virtualizing a machine and dedicating the cores to that machine might work, but the overhead might make the whole thing slower. I'm a technical user, so any suggestions are welcome.

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