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Hi Mac users,

I made the switch a few weeks ago and this forum has been very helpful to me and i'm very grateful for this.

My switch was work related because my boss wanted me to use a Mac for editing, so he gave me a Macbook Pro Mid2012. I was used to using AVS Vid editor and Corel products on PC but now have to use a program for Mac. Both programs i worked with have no Mac counterpart so i am forced to learn things on my own, hoping that by month's end, i will be capable and competent in editing on FCP X.

My questions are, what's the best way to learn?
(I saw a website, that has many courses, is that any good?)

Is my Mid2012 Intel I5 4G ram enough for Mac Pro?(simple editing, 3 layers at most)

Do i have to convert all .VOB files before rendering? (My AVS editor accepted ALL types of files even esp for preview without producing)

Thanks in advance.
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