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on my laptop now atom 1.6ghz 1gb 250gb with 177gb remaining

older packard bell comp
has slightly better cpu but less hdd capacity
but still 25% or less max capacity .

regular maintence .

now again i bought both used and have had both
3 years myself(did not realise id owned this long , time flys)

but ive always had these problems and had to wipe hdd
etc and reinstall OS etc along the way with all my pcs and laptops
ive always thought with was normal.

i was putting blame down to windows but maybe its just old equipment
maybe im just trying to do too much to soon ..

anyway ill do so studing and veiw some macbooks locally ,

but i do see a major price difference even between
equal specs but like i say i would not mind paying a premium
for a machine that reliable .
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