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sorry i did search for a uk based forum and this came up as

it only takes a few mins for my pc/laptops to start but to get working fully up to speed without freezing can take as long as i suggested .

and sometimes accessing librarys can freeze the machine solid for 5 mis or more .

yes my machines are getting on a bit , but statistically they are better specs than a modern macbook air.

my question really is am i going to get a noticeable improvement in performance in a mac ,
it seems to me the specs are quite weak but if they work well it does not matter , if not i may as well
buy a relatively inexpensive windows laptop for a fraction of the cost not intersted in specs now to be honest
as said most coumpters are fast enough now but i want reliability , functionality

they do look nice but for 1000 i want a bit more than looks .
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