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do macs work ?

i've owned a computer for a while now and it now how i make a living .

i am a cheap skate which sometimes costs more , ive got though many used laptops so might as well of bought a decent one to begin with .

im interested in a mac air but they are extremely expensive .

what i need is a computer that fires up and is ready within say 5 mins , my pc and laptop
take 10 mins , sometimes longer to get be ready to use .

i need to be able to get to library for photos within at least a minute to access photos etc
my pc and laptop can sometimes freeze for 5 mins just trying to access a photo ,
the hard drive going mental .

its took me since 9 o'clock this mourning just to get operational on this computer .

i clean it regular and have very minimal software or personal files installed .

if macs work ill have one or am i expecting too much out of computers ?
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