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Hi there.

I wish to stream DVD's using home sharing on iTunes to my Apple TV. Previously I did it with my mid 2011 iMac but I no longer have that machine.

I recently upgraded my networking in my basement and I want to throw a Mac Mini down there for space limitations to act as the shared library.

I see Mac Mini's on eBay for less than $100 but they are powerPC based. For a short while, I had a Power Mac G5 Tower to do this but I quickly sold it after noticing the OS was 10.3.x and iTunes sharing started in 9 I believe, and itunes 9 needs OSX 10.4 at least I think.

I obviously want to spend as little as possible. I considered getting a newer mac mini with a 1TB storage but for cheaper, I can pick up 2TB external NAS for around 100 or a little more, then spend around 100 or less for a powerPC mac mini with at least OSx 10.4 on it.

I would be streaming to my Apple TV 3rd Gen and possible attempting to run Plex media server on it for my Roku.

I have gigabit ethernet and I'd hard wire the external HD and the mac mini. I have at minimum cat 5e cables. My Apple TV gets it signal from my Apple Airport express (cat 6 connecting it's LAN to the gigabit switch).

So if i get a powerPC mac mini and external NAS, would it run quickly enough? Basically I need the mac mini to always be on, or able to wake up and I am streaming my DVD collection that I ripped and I want the videos to be able to run smoothly.

I'm not sure if RAM on the mini is a real factor or not?

What are some suggestions, would this work? Thanks.
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