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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
Any kind of video streaming anywhere is going to be a non starter on a poor Internet connection regardless of country.

I'm in a rural part of the UK and streaming works just fine. I have friends in a newly developed urban area with 0.5mb that can't stream.

But that's not to say you can't stream video from iTunes and AirPlay across your internal network.
I have a very fast broadband connection at well over 100Mbs so was hoping I could make good use of it. I just found the TV side of Apple TV a bit rubbish really - it's just a collection of paid-for services. As you say, you can stream films using iTunes via Airplay. At least on my Sky box I can get iPlayer and 4OD to catch up on programmes I may have missed. I couldn't find a 'catch-up TV' capability on my Apple TV - perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.

However, my main reason for buying it was the ability to stream my iTunes music to my stereo in another room and it has achieved that perfectly.
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