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Originally Posted by nicklwj
well i think it biased cos pc users know that their comps suck and they cant do anything about it cos of tight budget , work requirements , etc. theyd be mac users too yknow if it wasnt for those things and frankly they couldnt care about what they use because a computer is a computer by any other name. just that we lucky lot use better computers thats all hahaha

Robert Rodriguez is on a tight budget???????????

Maybe my standard of living is a bit skewed, but I'd like to think that the 10 million dollars he was paid to make Sin City would be at least enough to buy a decent computer.

Also keep in mind that there are millions of PC users out their that pay for way more for their PC's then they could ever pay for a Mac... A close friend of mine just purchased a X2 4600+ Manchester w/ dual 7800GTX's in SLI costing him well over $1800 for just the processor and video cards - NOTHING ELSE. After everything, his box ended up costing him around $4500, not inlcuding any kind of display.
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