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Originally Posted by Slydude View Post
Thanks for the screenshot about the graphics. Given your answer to Nicks's question I think we can put that aside for the moment and focus on why kernel_task is using over 300% of CPU power.

I had to do a little research to remind myself what that task covers. Not only does it cover a variety of basic operations it can be called by other operations/kernel extensions. You might give Kernel_task process taking up an inordinate amount of CPU a quick read. It lists several good troubleshooting steps.

What software (including things which launch as login items) is usually running when this happens? Thinking back to before you noticed the problem have you added new software/hardware since then?

Try creating a new user account on the Mac and see if that clears things up a bit. If so it suggests that something in your current user account is the culprit.
Well actually i factory restored this macbook and its been happen before and after. I usually only webbrowse on firefox since its too slow to do anything else and thank you very much
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