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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Snow Leopard in my still perfectly usable in 2013.

Big reasons folks up grade their OS are:

- new features in the newer OS versions (not always a big deal)
- compatibility with newer hardware (phones, printers, iPads, etc.)
- compatibility with newer software versions (for example, Adobe CS6 may need an OS version newer than 10.6)

Since you still need compatibility with older PPC have a very good reason to continue using Snow Leopard.

The other question you have to ask there anything you currently can't do that you want to do with your computer running Snow Leopard? The answer to this (for you) should answer your own question.

- Nick
Not at the moment, oh and Photoshop CS6 requires 10.6.6 so yes It's compatible with Snow Leopard.

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