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Hi All,

I got my Apple TV this morning. Took just a few minutes to set it up and also got the firmware updated. It's plugged into my stereo via an optical link cable and to my TV via a HDMI cable. I've set up Home Sharing in my iTunes on my mac and I can confirm that it does set itself up as Airplay speakers that can be selected in iTunes. I can even select my other Airplay speaker (Audyssey) at the same time so have sound coming out of multiple speakers. It's fantastic!

I also experimented with Airplay Mirroring (System Preferences --> Display) and was able to see my mac desktop on my large LCD TV.

I even managed to pair my Apple Wireless Keyboard with it so could effectively use my mac mini from my bedroom using my TV as the display.

And I haven't even begun to look at the TV features of it yet! To say i'm impressed is an understatement.
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