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My puppy peed on my macbook pro, it was on my desk, she broke out of her cage, and in her anger jumped on my desk and peed on my laptop. Shortly after the incident my external monitor was able to detect the laptop, it would boot to a white screen and shut down.

Here is what I have so far: 2010 Macbook Pro 15.4 inch GLOSSY (A1286) Intel i5 2.4 ghz 500 gb hard drive 4 gb ram. (mid- 2010)

Here is what happens: I turn it on, i hear the bong, black LCD screen, fans are going off, but I can't do much because ultimately there is no LCD, I tried plugging the computer into my external monitor but the monitor is not detecting the laptop.

Here is what I did: I took the bottom cover off the laptop the corner where the LCD plugs into the mother board reeks of urine, that leads me to believe the issue is isolated to the Glossy LCD Screen. However I also think it is a mother board issue because it is not detecting the external monitor.

Here is what I want to do: This laptop is my baby, its irrational but I worked for the money to buy it and waited so long and did so much research before purchasing it. I'm bringing it to the Apple Store today in Fort Worth & I'm going to ask them to diagnose it,

Possible Scenarios:
If it is a mother board issue: I found an i7 2.66 motherboard that will work with my laptop for $400.00, I can do the install myself.
If it is a LCD issue I found an anti-glare screen for 189.99 from iFixit, so if the LCD is broken I want to go ahead and upgrade my GLOSSY to an ANTIGLARE, is this possible? I'm 100% sure it is but I'm 0% sure as to what adhesive to use to mount the bezel onto the LCD screen itself, that is something that I wanted to ask y'all.

These two solutions should fix my laptop and restore her back to her former glory, however once/if I get it up and running again here is what else I want to do

16GB Ram Upgrade: I have the 330M 256 video card in here, its pretty weak but its what i got, I do a lot of online video streaming (Current Events) and I watch Forex trading and all that fun stuff, essentially all of it is real time and I need something that can handle an extra monitor and multiple applications

Replace the Optical Drive with an SSD I want to put the OS & all that other stuff on a 256 SSD in place of the optical drive, i think it will make the computer really fast.

Ok so the last two things are very reasonable once i get the computer running, the logic board replacement will be easier relative to the LCD replacement, can anyone tell me if they have successfully done this?
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