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I am a Mac Air 10.8.3 user. I have 16 Smart Groups of contacts for an event I manage, to all of whom I send out monthly notifications. There are no more than 90 contacts in each group and this has worked very well for 7 years. The only problems in the past have occurred when I send out emails to too many groups in the same session, when on my 9th or 10th group, I get the message: "Sending the message content to the server failed.Select a different outgoing mail server from the list below or click Try Later to leave the message in your Outbox until it can be sent."
I think this is sometimes known as 'tarpitting". This has always righted itself if I turn the computer off and resume a few hours later.
However, since yesterday I have been unable to send any emails to my smart groups, getting the above message straight away.
Emails to individuals however send without any problem, likewise I receive emails without a problem. I deleted one smart group, and then created it again under the same name, hence with the same contacts. This too did not send. I created an entirely new smart group with a new name, containing some contacts chosen at random. This did send without a problem.
Can anyone explain what has happened and what I should do?
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