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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Ok, would really like to know how to open an ebook bought from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc. or an online ebook rental from your local Library in Safari without using their specified app and then move it to whichever reader app you want to use and without circumventing the DRM contained in each of those formats.
Circumvent DRM? No. Purchase non-DRM titles in Safari on the iPad and open them in your e-reader of choice? Absolutely. Circumventing DRM is an entirely different discussion that you can't do on ANY tablet at this point, so that's not really relevant to this discussion. And RavingMac beat me to it... Baen Ebooks sells DRM-free titles which you can simply purchase in Safari on the iPad and then open up in your e-reader. The whole point of DRM is to stop that from happening, so good luck seeing a big manufacturer having a way to do that baked right in to their OS.

Originally Posted by RavingMac View Post
I want to interject a slightly off-topic plug here

Baen Ebooks

Baen Books (SF Publishing House) sells all their eBooks DRM free, and they allow you to redownload if you need to change reader format.
I have no connection with them, but they are my first choice for buying eBooks. They also have an extensive free library worth looking at.
I do love David Weber's work. I'm just a few books from finishing the entire Honor Harrington universe, and I'm patiently waiting for the next Safehold book (due out in January I believe).
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