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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Booted to your SL disk and gone into Disk Utility and found the drive is not seen?

Way, way, way past time to buy a new hard drive - whether that one has failed or not.
There's no doubt in my mind that both OS X and Windows were already running like crap with only 3% free space. And that's probably the last time you checked - no telling what the actual current free space is. A full drive typically is not going to boot either, but it would be seen by Disk Utility.

Replace the internal drive and get OS X installed.
Get either an external case to put the old drive in or a universal USB adapter or caddy to connect the old drive externally to see if you can recover any data from it.
Or a restore from your backup.

****NOTE for others: **** While our drives have gotten larger and with 1-2-3-4 TB drives we're using now - Rule of thumb - Never run a defrag program on a drive with less than 10% free space - you are only asking for trouble.

PS: And no, the temps you provided should not be an issue.

PPS: You don't really think we're going to go check out all those links do you?

PPPS: Don't want to spend the cash on a drive without discovering if there is some other system board problem with your machine - take it to Apple and have them run a diagnostics on it or with your original disks you can run the Apple Hardware test.
thanks, no I just put the links to see if any one knew anymore (I knew it was highly doubtful anyone would check any of them, but hey when your desperate), and when I ran the defrag in windows I had 15% free hard drive space, and then filled it back up. in the past I have successfully booted into each os with 500mb of free space. and it was 10gb (I check regularly). I'll try what you suggested, but money and time are slim at the moment. thanks for the advice

ps I I am new and accidentally started two threads
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