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Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
Yes, which is why I said they sell "some" ebooks at a loss. Thing is, the general public (myself included until recently) thinks they sell ALL ebooks at a loss because of statements like "...Amazon was selling books at a loss to stifle competition." As it turns out, that's not true. They just have some loss leaders that seems to be a pretty common practice.
My statement was true, and I stand behind it. I didn't say they were selling all books at a loss. In fact, it was never disclosed how many books they were losing money on, but it was AT LEAST the bestsellers (And what books do people most commonly buy? The ones that are selling the best!). They were creating an ecosystem and expectation of bestsellers having a price-point that was not sustainable to new companies trying to enter the market, or even to compete. This stifled new competition because who would buy a book for $15 when you could, with a couple mouse clicks and key taps, buy it for $10. This is very different from Best Buy or some other brick and mortar store having a Black Friday sale with a couple loss leaders, and then only having a couple of those inventory items in stock - "while supplies last." Amazon was selling, at minimum, all books in a market with very high sales volumes (definition of "bestsellers") with no limit on inventory. This would be akin to Best Buy selling every Sony TV in stock at below their price, and not limiting it to stock on hand. Who could compete with that?

Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
Fair enough, I was wrong then. I thought everything was sandboxed to the point you couldn't move downloads around like that. I've never really tried, although now that I think about it, I use a 3rd party browser (Mercury) instead of Safari, so maybe Mercury is what's hobbled? Or maybe it's just that I don't download anything via a browser on my iPad. I definitely don't do ebooks yet. Yeah yeah... I don't actually have a pony in this fight, but I'm arguing against Apple more on the principle of how I want to be able to use my iPad.
I've never used Mercury, but my guess is that it's a limitation of the programming of Mercury to not include API's for opening the files in other apps.

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