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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
Good thing the alarm was working and you disconnected the call before proceeding any further.

Everything they told is, pardon my french, should never contact them again and warn anyone else you know..

Macs do not need to be services like a car with oil changes or whatnot..

These are all scare tactics used by these "service" companies to basically make a killing from unsuspecting victims.

You have 90 days of AppleCare phone support and you have 1 year of free AppleCare that covers manufacturers defect. You can extend that to another 2 years before the 1 year anniversary of your purchase.

If you want to contact Apple for any purpose, use the phone number listed on this page.

As far as viruses and all that, I wouldn't worry about that unless you were told to install an application for them to check on things and you actually did. If you were just conversing with someone over some sort of a chat're fine..
Hello Ashwin,
Many thanks for that...i thought it was most likely a lot of old rubbish...but it's reassuring to hear it from someone who's had so much more Mac experience.

Unfortunately, when I first thought that i was speaking to a genuine Applecare assistant and was prompted to start the remote application's to enable them to start using my mac,i did i had no initial reason to think i shouldn't, but although the sceen went briefly dark there was no sign of remote activity. I realised my error when i saw the lyogi banners and then questioned her and went no further in the process,

I had occasion to contact Applecare a couple of weeks ago about an e-mail problem and that time it was a genuine person..he was going to connect remotely to my Mac then...but discovered that he was unable to due to my broadband being incompatible due to it's speed. I mention this as hopefully the person today would have had the same problem!

I did set my Mac's security system to encrypt my files a short while ago...would that help guard against viruses?

Thanks again.

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