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I rang what i thought was a direct UK Applecare number from my browser,and in order to help with a problem went through the remote access procedure, i then saw that it was Iyogi which was new to me,but was told that they help to sort-out any mac problems.

The woman i was speaking to said that my mac was very slow(it's not really) and asked how old it was..i said just one month old and she then said have i had it serviced?...and announced that i should be getting it done at lease every other month,but preferably once a month!

When i questioned this...and said i had never had to do this on my previous windows pc,she told me that mac's are different and that if i didn't get it serviced it would eventually stop working altogether?

She then said not to worry as she could give it a good check-over and rectify any problems for a one off payment which would cover me for a year? Alarm bells started ringing in me and i told her that i am still within my free 90 days Applecare plan..she said she would have to check this and then continue with my mac check,which would still incur a small one-off fee!

I told her i was not willing to go ahead and that i would get into contact with Applecare. She said ok i will give you a direct number to call. I did not use the number and ended the session and then checked Iyogi reviews..which were poor to say the least!

Just concerned now that they may have introduced a virus or something on my mac whilst having remote access...i am new to there any way that i could check to see if it's ok?

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