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Hi all. Please excuse any potential typos-- I'm typing this all from an iPhone, since my MacBook Pro is giving me serious trouble. This story is a long one-- sorry for that, too.

In June, while on vacation, my mid-2009 MBP started switching off on me suddenly. I would be on it and it would act as if someone did a hard shut down. When I would try to power it back up, it would power down again, each time taking less time after the initial power up (to the point that the screen would 't even light up). I chalked it up to the humidity in the area, and when I returned home, the issue stopped.

A week ago, my MBP suddenly locked up completely with the pinwheel icon. I did a hard shut down, and when I booted it up, it got stuck on the gray screen with the apple logo and spinning I on. I booted into DU and found I had HD errors that couldn't be repaired (verbose mode showed me an "I/O error"). Somehow, even though the drive wasn't mounted, I managed to get an image of the failing drive to my external HD.

I replaced the HD with a new one from WD. DU said the new drive was good. I popped in the o10.5 OS disk that came with the MBP to reinstall the OS. First time around, it said the OS couldn't be installed and the disk might be damaged (HD or DVD?). Tried again-- it installed. The MBP was extremely catchy, though-- the slightest action caused the pinwheel to appear for 5-10 seconds (clicking the apple icon, hovering over the dock, etc). Maybe it's the old OS-- I put in my 10.6 DVD to update. This installation took forever-- it got hung up at "20 min left" and took another ~12 hours to install. Still extremely catchy.

At the advice of a coworker, I reformatted the drive to redo the OS installation. Managed to get 10.5 up on the first try. The computer was still catchy-- not as bad as before, but still catchy. I tried to update to 10.6. The first time failed, and it told me to restart and try again. I'm doing that now, and like the first go around it's hung up at ~20 min left.

As a side note, after putting in the new HD, the "normal noises" my DVD drive makes when it first gets a disc sounds a bit different. I also worry that there is a bigger issue at play. I ran the extended hardware test, and it said everything looked good.

What's happened to my MBP? Do I have of salvaging it without shelling out a ton of money, or am I in the market for a new MBP?
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