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Hi MacsWork,

Thanks for your assistance, but I am still having trouble finding even what you mention in V.10.2.8. Do you know of anything specific I can do to get connected to the Win 2003 Server? I can see all my other network PCs just not the domain controller. Nor can I connect to the Terminal Services to create a VPN connection.

I'll keep looking, but your help would be appreciated.


Originally Posted by MacsWork
Try adding the server tho the Netinfo database under Machines.

Open Netinfo and authenticate. Select machines > broadcasthost and then duplicate.
Change the ip to your server ip, and name to servername including the .lan if that's what it is. Leave network alone. Make sure to save changes and update.

When you join AD in OS X it's just your computer account that is created. In order to access shares you'll need to either turn off smb signing in group policy or install Microsofts UAM on the Mac which installs the NTLMv2 encryption.

People have sung the praises of UAM but you may have varied results. The reason for the Netinfo change is so the Mac can resolve the servers name to ip. There are other W2k3/Mac threads open right now. Take a look.
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