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Hopefully posting this here makes sense... I just bought a WD My Book for Mac 3TB for my iMac. I'm one of those people that thinks he knows more than he does and tends to learn from screwing up, so I guess I need to ask before I do things. What I am looking to do is use this external hard drive for constant backup and purely external storage. I was wondering if I can partition the drive to use 2 TB as just an area to drag and drop anything I don't want stored on my Mac. It will be 90% music and movies. Then I want that leftover 1TB to act as a time machine for what I keep on the Mac. With all of that being said does doing this even make sense? If it makes any difference my iMac is 500GB (should I just use 500GB for the time machine?). I know through reading these posts that you should backup everything but I need more storage space as I am now down to about 90GB left on this iMac and to be honest nothing on here will cause me to jump off a cliff if i lose it. And if this is just a stupid idea and there is an easier more logical way to do this please share it with me. Thanks.

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