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I am trying to create an applescript that will automatically change to the priority of the todo list item based on the due date.
The close it is to the due date the priority would change.

I have an applescript that people can send me appointments via email. I use icalbuddy to display them on the desktop with geektool.

I have used a do shell script command that get the uid (unique todo id key) which is below from icalbuddy

 set theUids to do shell script "/usr/local/bin/icalBuddy -nc -uid  uncompletedTasks|grep uid|sed -e 's/u[^:]*://'"
I found a script that finds iCal events with the uid but dont know how to modify it for todo list items

tell application "iCal"    tell calendar "Home"       set theEvent to first event whose uid = "1BCA3512-F3A9-4BCB-A0FD-BE812968D371"    end tell end tell
thanks in advance for any help
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