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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
That's a small positive step that you can boot from an external. But there's an important distinction to be made. To test the MBP disk vs the rest of the components you need to connect the external to the MBP and then install OSX. I.e. you are using the MBP the perform the installation, not the iMac as you are at the moment.

Use liondiskmaker on your iMac to create an installer DVD then use this and the external on your MBP and perform an OSX install to the external.
If this install works and subsequently boots to the external ok then it definitely points to your internal hard disk at fault (a straightforward replacement you could do yourself).
If the install still fails then it's very likely a non-user serviceable part that's at fault
I booted the MBP from the attached external drive, then ran the ML installer from the external hard drive and aimed it at the MBP's hard drive. Tried twice. First time it made it to 9 minutes then froze. Left it overnight. Second time the install froze again at the 18 minute mark with that same pixelation. Must be some flakey hardware problem. My daughter is still looking for the disks that came with this MBP when I bought it for her. I understand there is a hardware test app on them.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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