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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
Yeah - has got to be the definitive guide out there....

Except for that is horrendously biased towards OS X, and is hardly ever referenced by PC enthusiasts... the only people that ever seem to mention it's name are Mac users - which would lead most to believe that a large majority of the input and donations the site is receiving is from Mac users. Also if you visit the forums - most of the posters are Mac users. In fact, thereís a thread named "What do you appreciate about the OTHER platform?" and every single one of the posts references Windows.

It'd be easy to say that the reason behind the site's larger popularity with Mac users is that Windows users just don't care. Which I think is a great paradigm for the debate on a full scale.

Robert Rodriguez, computer geek extraordinaire and blockbuster filmmaker put it quite well in and interview discussing his preference for Windows PCs over Macs, when he said "....itís just subjective, I prefer what suits me. Who knows where it comes from? Really... I mean, they start the debate, we just end it...."
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