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So, I haven't given up on this MBP.

Using my iMac, I downloaded the Lion and Mountain Lion installers. I attached a hard drive to the iMac, formatted a partition and set up the Lion installer on that hard drive partition. When I attached the hard drive the MBP and booted it up, I selected the Lion installer on the hard drive. The installer started but then quickly simply stopped and said it could not proceed.

So I hooked up the hard drive to my iMac again, erased that partition on the hard drive, and this time tried to install Lion into it. But the iMac would not let me do that because I am running Mountain Lion and I got a message saying that this new Apple OS (ML) cannot run the Lion installer. So I ran the ML installer instead and installed ML onto that partition. After that was completed I shut down my iMac, unplugged the hard drive and plugged it into the MBP. Then I powered up the MBP and it simply booted perfectly into Mountain Lion from the external hard drive. So presumably there is a problem with the internals in this MBP and I now have to decide whether to pay $300 to ship it to Apple for diagnostics.

Unless anyone has an idea of something else I can try?

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