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Thanks again to lifeisabeach, just to let you know that DriveDX showed no errors EXCEPT a slightly slow spin up speed ... perhaps that is the root cause of the anomaly and perhaps explains why REMOUNTING works.

Incidentally, the trial DriveDX includes links to drivers for testing external drives (Drivers SAT?) which worked for me .... Smartontools proved inaccessible (overloaded source?)

The disk itself is 12mm therefore difficult to move into a new enclosure (the enclosure incidentally was bought separately from the drive) .... the hard drive is relatively new (15 months and little used), but it was slightly 'end of line' at the time of purchase.

I'm going to do a full surface scan overnight, I did a partial one earlier which revealed no errors.

However I think that probably, if the 'double mount' solution proves to be stable, I can live with that inconvenience on this one drive ... the others behave perfectly.
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