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Thanks to all, especially lifeisabeach (and then your computer dries?) .... it turns out that you were all right. After a great deal of moving data around, reformatting several disks to NTFS, it turns out that it was only one specific disc which consistently presented a problem, (it is older than the others but still relatively new).

Despite being reformatted, that drive continued the behaviour of mounting as read/write if present at startup, but read only if inserted later.

However I have discovered a work-round for the problem disk which APPEARS at present to solve the problem without the need for constant restarts.

My solution is, mount the disk normally (it mounts as read only) ...... eject the disk from the desktop, BUT DO NOT UNPLUG IT ....... then remount the disk from disk utility (selecting the disk & using the mount button). The problem disk then re-mounts as read/write.

I post this as it may offer a solution to someone else having problems with writable NTFS disks.

btw Paragon Support replied, but were unable to shed any light on the problem. I think this shows that Paragon does work, but is sensitive to any fault or oddity in the disk it is mounting.
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