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I am ordinarily being careful to eject disks properly (except for very occasionally tripping over a cable) and the drives are all fairly new (therefore unlikely to be failing).

The reason I was avoiding ex-fat is that I read that it is more liable to data loss (I believe because it doesn't keep a copy of directory info), also since not all PCs can read ex-fat, it rather spoils the 'cross-platform' capabilities of NTFS.

It seems to be commonly said that Firewire NTFS is less problematic than USB NTFS, however it's too late for me to change all my hard drives and I would also then need to have Firewire on all the PCs (as would anyone to whom I want to lend the HDDs).

Thanks to those who replied .... in the last resort I simply have to restart to make a disk writable, though that of course is a gigantic pain.
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