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Relative wiped her 2011 MacBook Pro and gave it to me. She had been thinking it was developing problems (shut down on her a couple of times and the Superdrive dvd drive was flakey) so she retired it and bought a new Apple computer. When I turned it on, the MBP took me through the usual setup process. Easily got it set up on our home network and connected to my iCloud account. It was running Lion. I did the OSx updates. Looking very good.

Then I decided to update to Mountain Lion, which she had running on it before the wipe. The installer downloaded fine but kept hanging at 18 minutes. I connected the MBP to our LAN modem by hard wire. I booted into recovery mode and ran Disk Utility. No sign of hard drive problems. I erased the hard drive and tried to reinstall Lion. The Lion installer also downloaded fine but then hung at 18 minutes. Tried several times. Called Apple tech support who helpfully spent more than a hour with me and checked with supervisor. Basically ran through all this again. They concluded it must be a hardware problem. Cannot boot into hardware check mode, presumably because it no longer has an OS.

Apple store is 4 hours away. Costs $300 to ship to a central repair depot. Any suggestions?

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